Mission Statement

Ceres Adult School is committed to helping our students achieve their educational goals, and we strive to provide our students with opportunities to further their career and technical skills.

Ceres Adult School continues to make a positive impact on the Ceres community and we are proud to offer Diploma, GED, Citizenship, ESL, Independent Study, and Community Based classes to support our adults with their career and educational goals. Ceres Adult School students range in age from concurrent high school students to people in their 70’s.

We strive to fill our student’s educational gaps so that they can move ahead with their lives and be successful. We take pride in building relationships with our students and community, and we go the extra mile by having our Community Liaison’s create learning plans for our students to ensure they are on track to achieve their desired results. We truly make a difference in our student’s lives and we encourage all adults to continue their life long journey of learning. We are also proud of the fact that a majority of our classes are offered for free and there’s also no registration fees.